Posted by Chuck Church on Aug 31, 2017
High School Students Visit Palmdale Rotary Club Meeting to Form Interact Club
On August 30th, seven students from Knight High School and their Teacher/ Representative visited the weekly meeting of the Rotary Club of Palmdale to meet the current Rotary Club Members and introduce themselves as future members of the Knight High School Rotary Interact Club.  Teacher Joy McCall and students: Louise Candeloza, Paola Sanchez, Monica Ayala, Ivy Ta, Marcia Sanchez, Mia Carranza and Argyu Mananjun met with Rotary Club Members:  Sharon Freeman, David Maddock, Tina Borzage, Chuck Church, Janice Garcia, Yolanda Risch, Larry Flores and Sam Garcia to get acquainted begin the process of establishing an Interact Club at Knight High School. 
Guests Barbara Frazier, Luanne Arredondo and Holly Liebenow were also in attendance at the meeting.  Barbara is the Teacher/Representative at Lancaster High School for the Interact Club at that school.  She spoke to the students of her experience establishing and growing the Interact Club at Lancaster High.  Barbara has been especially helpful to Palmdale Rotary in providing youth support to Palmdale Rotary events.  Luanne Arredondo spoke to the guests about the support on-line that Rotary provides to both new and existing Interact Clubs.  Holly Liebenow was a guest of Sharon Freeman.  It was a great introductory kick-off to the establishment of the Knight High School Interact Club.
Barbara Frazier Addressing Knight High School Students
Luanne Arredondo Briefing Students on Rotary On-Line Assistance