Posted by Chuck Church on May 19, 2017
Marcie “The Bubble Girl” Entertains Special Needs 
Students at Ocotillo Elementary School
The Rotary Club of Palmdale sponsored the first of two assemblies for Special Needs Children in the Antelope Valley.  Today’s assembly was held for the children of the Palmdale Discovery Center at Ocotillo Elementary School.  Chuck Church, Janice Garcia and Sharon Freeman attended the event and were escorted to the Assembly room by school principal Colleen Sawyer.  Over 100 kids were entertained by Marcie the Bubble Girl.  She drew Oh’s and Awe’s from the crowd as she started her routine.  Marcie started with small bubble tricks and displays and gradually escalated to bubbles measuring three feet in diameter. 
Kids from the audience were asked to help out on stage as the program progressed. Marcie’s final display was to fully engulf the kids in a balloon.  The kids loved the performance and they got a bubble crown before returning to their classrooms.  For the children, this was a stress free fun time in which the children were able to interact with the Marcie on stage. 
The next performance will be at the Manzanita Elementary School in the Fall to kick off the new school year in August or September.
Marcie Started the Show with Small Bubbles
She Moved on to Larger Bubbles
Then Came Cluster Bubbles
Then Came the Super Bubbles, First a Single
Then Came a Double Super Bubble
Students and Supervisors were Glued to the Performance
All the Grades were in Attendance and Watched the Performance
It was a Great Show for the Kids
Several Kids were Selected to Come on Stage and Assist with the Performance
The Highlight of the Show Took Place When Marcie Totally Engulfed the Kids in a Balloon
Marcie Closed Out the Show with Another Total Bubble Engulfment