Posted by Chuck Church on Mar 01, 2018
Meeting Recap 02/28/18
The Rotary Club of Palmdale conducted their weekly meeting at Sizzler’s Restaurant in Palmdale on 28 February 2018.  The meeting was called to order by President Sam Garcia at 6:30 PM.  Members in attendance were: Janice Garcia, Sharon Freeman, David Maddock, Chuck Church, Tina Borzage, Holly Liebenow, guest Jim Micelli and Sam Garcia.  Everyone enjoyed dinner.  The formal meeting began at 7:00.
President Sam Garcia introduced guest Jim Micelli from the Studio City Club to our Members.  Jim has been a guest at Palmdale Rotary meetings several times and is always welcome to attend when he is in the area.
The first item of business was to continue discussion of our Interact Club students and who will be attending RYLA Camp.  Sharon Freeman reported that our two campers have been identified.  Sharon has spoken to the student from Lancaster and her mother about the camp.  Sharon has also spoken to the camper from our Interact Club who will be attending.  Both students will attend the orientation meeting in Lancaster.  The Interact Club has started planning for election of next year’s President.  Interact Club members wishing to run for office must present their qualifications to the other members of the Club in a speech to the full Club membership.  After electing the President, the other officers will be elected.  The Interact Club members are working on a project to raise funds to help support a female Guatemalan student so that she can remain in school.  During their Wednesday meeting the students met with the Guatemalan student via skype on their cell phones.  The Interact Club is very proactive and is excited about helping the student remain in school.    
The next item of business was President Sam Garcia’s discussion of the weekly emails that our club has received.  District Conference will be held this year at the Queen Mary on May 18-20.  The Rosamond Club will be having a dinner on March 10th.  Contact Gene Melchers for details. 
The final item of discussion was a briefing to the members in attendance of the meeting that took place earlier this afternoon with Palmdale Rotary and the folks at the Animal Care Shelter in Palmdale.  The focus of the meeting was to find out what the shelter needs that is beyond their budget from the County.  Palmdale Rotary would like to help them secure some needed items.  A good dialog was conducted with several possible projects.  Pauline East will take a request to her foundation board to see about securing bids for the construction of a “dog run” that could accommodate both large and small dogs.  Several smaller scale projects were discussed in hopes of starting off small and building up to larger projects.  Adoption Days and Dog Grooming were mentioned in the discussion.  Initial thoughts were to help sponsor an event at the Shelter and possibly move offsite for future events.  Discussions and planning will continue.       
Old Business:      
     Under Old Business, Tina Borzage mentioned to the Club Members that if they received a
     billing for our Club Runner website in the mail, please bring it to our Wednesday meeting for
New Business: 
     There was no New Business.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 PM.