Meeting Recap 05/03/17
The Rotary Club of Palmdale conducted their monthly Board meeting at Gino’s Italian Restaurant in Palmdale on 3 May 2017.  Full details of the meeting will be presented at next month’s Board meeting when the minutes are read and approved.  The meeting was called to order by President Chuck Church at 6:35 PM.  Members in attendance were: Sharon Freeman, David Maddock, Janice Garcia, Sam Garcia and Chuck Church.  Everyone enjoyed dinner.  The formal meeting began at 6:45.   
Per the agenda, the minutes of the April Board meeting were read by Janice Garcia.  The minutes were approved.  Chuck Church presented the Treasurer’s report for April.   The report was approved. 
Chuck Church went over the review of upcoming events.  Superbuild 2017 is coming up this weekend.  Tina will be attending.  RYLA Camp has completed. 
Sam Garcia mentioned that the Club needs to make a monetary commitment by April 10, 2017 to support the incoming District Governor’s project.  The Club decided that we could afford to support the project with $250.  Depending on the results of the Spring Blow Out Sale, the Club may be able to increase that amount. 
Individuals in the Club agreed to increase support to the Super Build 2017 project to reduce the amount required for Tina to attend. 
There were several items of Old Business:
The Club agreed to spend $50 on the Antelope Valley Rotary Ad in the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce Magazine.  Each club in the valley was designated an amount for their share of the overall ad. 
Tina forwarded an update on the 2nd children’s event with the Bubble Man.  Colleen Sawyer (school principal) indicated that the 2nd event would be held in the fall at the start of the new school year. 
The Demotion Party is scheduled for June 24, 2017 at Sharon’s home in Llano.  It will be a pot luck.  More details to follow as they are finalized. 
Chuck and Sam signed the MOU for Grant Funding for the 2017 – 2018 Rotary year. 
Chuck and Janice signed the minute’s form authorizing the Club to donate $250 from the Trust Account to the Superbuild 2017 project.   
There was no New Business:
The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 PM.