Posted by Chuck Church on Oct 03, 2019
Meeting Recap 10/02/19
The Rotary Club of Antelope Valley conducted their monthly Board meeting at IHOP Restaurant in Palmdale on 2 October 2019.  The meeting was called to order by President Gene Melchers at 6:30 PM.  Members in attendance were Don Ryan, Vickie Ryan, guest Rory Larsen, Janice Garcia, Sam Garcia, Chuck Church, Yolanda Risch, Tina Borzage, Sharon Freeman, Gene Melchers and guest Chuck Murphy.  Full details of the meeting will be presented at next month’s Board meeting when the minutes are read and approved.  Everyone enjoyed dinner.  The formal meeting began at 6:55 PM. 
President Gene Melchers opened the meeting by presenting a check to Chuck Murphy to help support his organization Music for Kids.  Mr. Murphy accepted the check on behalf of Music for Kids and thanked the Club for their support.  Mr. Murphy said that if there are ever any questions about his organization to contact him at any time. 
Secretary Sharon Freeman read the Minutes from the September Board meeting.  There were minor corrections after which the Minutes were approved.
Tina Borzage presented the Treasurer’s report for the month ending September 30, 2019.  The Report was approved.  Final paperwork for the new account is still being completed.  We are awaiting paperwork from Rotary International on our merger to complete everything needed for the new bank account.  All paperwork should be submitted by the next Board Meeting.
Don Ryan is finalizing paperwork for the Club’s request for a Lefler Grant.  Don is awaiting the name of a school from Gene Melchers to complete the paperwork.  Chuck Church has submitted the initial request for the Club’s Los Angeles County Grant.  In addition, Chuck will process the Club’s $900.00 grant request to Rotary District 5300 to support one Boy Scout Troop and one Girl Scout Troop in the Antelope Valley.  Gene Melchers stated that there is one additional grant application that the Club could submit.  He will have details at the next meeting.  Chuck Church contacted Judy Cooperberg from Mental Health America to obtain options for the Club to help support that organization.  He received a request from Judy Cooperberg to help support the Golden Belle Awards on 30 October 2019.  A motion was made and seconded to approve $500 to support the Golden Belle Awards event.  The motion was disapproved. 
Sharon Freeman mentioned that we have sold 68 tickets thus far for Oktoberfest.  She reminded everyone to get the ticket stubs to Chuck Church and the money to Tina Borzage.  Yolanda and Tim Risch will provide $350 in gift cards for the raffle at Oktoberfest. 
The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 PM.
President Gene Melchers Presents a Check to Chuck Murphy to Support Music for Kids