Posted by Chuck Church on Nov 30, 2017
Meeting Recap 11/29/17
The Rotary Club of Palmdale conducted their weekly meeting at Sizzler’s Restaurant in Palmdale on 29 November 2017.  The meeting was called to order by President Sam Garcia at 6:32 PM.  Members in attendance were: Sharon Freeman, David Maddock, Chuck Church, Janice Garcia, Holly Liebenow, Tina Borzage, Yolanda Risch and Sam Garcia.  Everyone enjoyed dinner.  The formal meeting began at 7:00.
The first item of business was to discuss the Rotary President’s Meeting on November 27, 2017.  Sam Garcia attended and brought the Club up to date on the upcoming District Governor’s visit.  The Governor’s visit to Palmdale Rotary will be on December 13th.  We will be meeting at Gino’s Italian Restaurant in Palmdale.  The Governor wants to have the Club conduct a regular business meeting (not a Board Meeting) and allow her some time to address the Club Members.
The second item of business was to continue discussion of the Governor’s visit and what our Club would be presenting to the Governor.  The plan is for each member to present a brief summary of their activities for the year this far and what they plan for the balance of the year.  President Sam Garcia will lead off with his vision for the Club this year followed by the Officers and Chairpersons presentations of their assignments.  At the conclusion of the Member’s briefings, Raghada will have an opportunity to address the Club and answer any questions the Club Members may have.  At the completion of the meeting, we will be selecting our meals for dinner from a special menu that Gino’s will provide.  An invitation list including the District Governor (and anyone she would like to bring) has been generated and sent with invitations to the Christmas Party.  At the conclusion of dinner, we will be doing our usual gift exchange ($20 wrapped gift) with only two Take-Aways allowed.   
The third item of business was to discuss the upcoming Children’s Shopping Spree at Walmart.  Sharon Freeman again confirmed that all coordinators had been contacted and that shoppers were in place.  We are planning on 10 students from Keppel School District, 5 students from Valerie Lensing, 5 Students from Elsa Pina, and 4 Students from Holly Liebenow.  Sam Garcia reconfirmed that Santa would be attending the Shopping Spree.  Everyone will meet at Walmart at 7:30. The kids will sign in and have breakfast at McDonalds before starting to shop.  The Interact Club from Knight High School will provide volunteer helpers.  The Teachers will work the wrapping table in the Gardening Area.  Helpers will be assigned to each shopper at sign-in. Chuck Church will contact Walmart on Thursday and ensure that the store is prepared for our event on Saturday morning. 
Chuck is continuing to work with our Tee Shirt vendor to get the Interact Club shirts completed.  Final design was approved on November 27th.  The shirts will be ready within two weeks.
One final item, the Sizzler Staff presented Chuck Church with a surprise Birthday dessert just prior to the close of the meeting in honor of his birthday during Thanksgiving Weekend.   
Old Business: 
     There was no Old Business.
New Business: 
     There was no New Business.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 PM.
Club Member Chuck Church Receiving His Birthday Dessert from the Sizzler Staff