Posted by Chuck Church on Sep 05, 2019
Meeting Recap 09/04/19
The Rotary Club of Antelope Valley conducted their monthly Board meeting at IHOP Restaurant in Palmdale on 4 September 2019.  In addition to the Board Meeting, the Club had the pleasure of hosting Norma Cook as a guest speaker.  The meeting was called to order by President Gene Melchers at 6:30 PM.  Members in attendance were Charlene Melchers, Janice Garcia, Sam Garcia, Chuck Church, Don Ryan, Vickie Ryan, Yolanda Risch, Tina Borzage, Sharon Freeman, Rory Larsen, Karen Schultz, Gene Melchers and guest Norma Cook.  Full details of the meeting will be presented at next month’s Board meeting when the minutes are read and approved.  Everyone enjoyed dinner.  The formal meeting began at 7:10 PM. 
Don Ryan introduced our guest speaker Norma Cook.  Norma is the owner of the High Desert Phoenix Semi-Pro Football Team.  The team was established in 2009 and is a nonprofit organization that provides high school age kids and older an opportunity to continue their education as well an opportunity to continue playing football with a chance to pursue a professional career.  The team participates in multiple charity events and supports organizations such as the Grace Resource Center and AV Vets 4 Veterans.  The team plays at Pete Knight High School.
Secretary Sharon Freeman read the Minutes from the August Board meeting.  The Minutes were approved.
Tina Borzage presented the Treasurer’s report for the month ending August 31, 2019.  The Report was approved.
Tina Borzage presented the proposed budget for 2019-2020.  With a few minor additions the budget was approved.  Tina has the paperwork for our new account and will read the forms and sign them.  Gene Melchers will return the paperwork to Mission Bank to open the new account.  A motion was made, seconded and approved to have Gene Melchers, Tina Borzage, Sharon Freeman and Sam Garcia as signers on the new account.  In addition, a motion was made, seconded and approved to have Tina Borzage and Charlene Melchers as Debit Card Holders on the new account. 
Don Ryan will finalize processing of the Club’s request for a Lefler Grant.  Don is awaiting the name of a school from Gene Melchers to complete the paperwork.  Chuck Church will process the request for the Club’s Los Angeles County Grant.  In addition, Chuck will process the Club’s $900.00 grant request to Rotary District 5300.  A motion was made, seconded and approved to support five youth group teams in the Antelope Valley with funding from the District Grant.  A motion was made, seconded and approved to request a grant to support the Grace Resource Center and Mental Health America with funding. 
Monday, September 9, 2019 is the first night of Monday Night Football.  Charlene encouraged everyone to turn in their ticket money and info cards. 
Sharon Freeman mentioned that Chuck Church would be keeping the signup / attendance sheet for Oktoberfest.  Turn in funds to Tina Borzage and ticket information to Chuck Church.
Gene Melchers reminded everyone that there is a Yard Sale at Don Ryan’s office on the Saturday morning after Oktoberfest (October 26, 2019).
Under Business from the Floor: A motion was made, seconded and approved to support the Raghada Khoury Wheel Chair project in the amount of $250.00.  In addition, a motion was made, seconded and approved to support Chuck Murphy’s Music for Kids program in the amount of $250.00.   
The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 PM.