Bee Keeper Steve Melton was the guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Antelope Valley at their weekly meeting.  Mr. Melton briefed the Club on the art of Bee Keeping.  Steve brought his bee keeping outfit and tools that he uses to tend his beehives.  Steve showed the Club Members his working outfit.  He was wearing a clean outfit but also showed the Members a soiled uniform after a day's work on the hives.  Steve covered the types of bees within the hive including the queen, the queen's maidens, drones and worker bees.  Steve displayed the types of containers he used and the tools he uses including a tray removal tool and a hand held smoker.  The tray removal tool is used to remove trays from the hive containers.  The smoker is used to calm the bees if they should get overly aggressive and appear ready to swarm.  It was a very informative meeting and the Club Members enjoyed and thanked Mr. Melton for his presentation.
Steve Displaying Clean Overalls and Soiled Overalls
Steve Displaying the Different Types of Containers
Steve Showing Members the Tray Removal Tool
Steve Displaying the Hand Held Smoker
Steve Displays an Extracted Tray
Steve Before He Attaches His Head Cover
Steve Melton with President Don Ryan