The Rotary Club of Antelope Valley hosted their first Fiesta Day at Hacienda Lane Ranch on June 11, 2022.  Over 90 friends, family and guests attended the event.  The Fiesta Day was a fund raiser event in support of a joint project between the AV Rotary Club and the Linda Vista Rotary Club of Mexico City in support of Breast Cancer Screening for those without medical insurance or those unable to afford screening. 
Setup began early Saturday morning.  First came the guest’s tables, then the food serving tables, then the raffle prize tables, the bar, the photo booth and the ticket tables.  Guests began arriving at 2:00 PM and were able to select their tables, buy raffle prize tickets and visit the bar. Our DJ kept the music playing all afternoon.  Guests enjoyed rice, beans, three types of tacos (chicken, pork and carne asada).  Cheese quesadillas were also available when guests came back for second helpings.  Multiple seasonings were available to spice up the luncheon to your own taste.  Frozen margaritas, beer, wine, soft drinks and water were available to drink.
A Corn Hole Tournament was held after lunch with half the entry money going to the winner and half the entry money going to our trust fund to support our joint project with Linda Vista Rotary.  Photos were available at the photo booth and the afternoon was closed out with the awarding of the raffle prizes and live auction prize winners.  A great time was had by all and the Club is looking forward to next year’s event.
Tina Borzage (Chairwoman), Don Ryan (President), Sharon Freeman, Lucy Vallarin (Linda Vista Rotary)
Step One is to Set Up the Guest Tables
Next Step is to Set Up the Raffle Tables
Almost Done
Raffle Tables Completed
Next is Prep the Food Line
Ready for Chaffing Trays
Set Up the Bar
Bring on the Guests
Serve that Delicious Mexican Food
Guests Enjoying the Food, Drinks and Music

Barbara Frazier, Her Interact Club Helpers and Don Ryan (Club President)
Our Gracious Hosts at Hacienda Lane Ranch, Ken and Frances
Lucy Vallarin (Linda Vista Rotary in Mexico City) and Tina Borzage (Fiesta Chairwoman)
Lucy is the Coordinator in Mexico for our Joint Project to Support Breast Cancer Screening
Lucy Vallarin, Tina Borzage, Lucy's Daughter-In-Law
Fabiola Uribe and Lucy's Son Edgar at the Photo Booth
The Rotary Club of Antelope Valley