The Rotary Club of Antelope Valley hosted Sue Storm and Barbara Frazier at their weekly meeting at Sizzler's on August 25, 2021.  Sue and Barbara spoke to the Club Members about the 2022 18th Annual Holocaust Art Contest.  Sue us the Chairperson for the 2022 event and Barbara is her assistant.  The event is held annually to keep everyone aware of horrors of the Holocaust and support our Youth in the creation of Art.  The Art includes music, singing, sculpture, painting and sketching.  The contestants will be competing at the local, regional and district levels.
Later in the meeting the Club Members welcomed long time Member Tina Borzage home from a lengthy with her family members in Mexico.  Tina has been working with a Club in Mexico City to set up a joint International Team Project.  The Mexico City club is anxious to join with the Antelope Valley Rotary Club in a joint project.
Barbara Frazier Introduces Sue Storm
Sue Storm and Barbara Frazier Brief the Antelope Valley Rotary Club on the 2022 Holocaust Art Contest
Club Member Tina Borzage Speaks to the Club About Her Visit to Mexico and Joint Project with Mexico City
The Antelope Valley Rotary Club Poses with their Mini Banner from Mexico City