Students, Faculty, Parent Teacher Organization Members, and Rotary Club of Antelope Valley Members attended the Calendar Presentation Ceremony at Challenger Middle School in Lancaster on Friday, April 12, 2024.  The Event was the culmination of a fun project created by Art Teacher Mark Murray for the Students at Challenger Middle School.  The project consisted of the students drawing colorful pictures to be selected and included in the production of a 2025 Calendar.  The contest was very successful and thirteen students were selected as winners of the Art Class project (One picture for each month and one picture for the cover).
The Rotary Club of Antelope Valley worked with the school to set up the project and fund the production of the 2025 Calendars with Grant funding and Club funding to complete the project.  Mark Murray forwarded the winning selections to the Rotary Club and the artwork was forwarded to the printer for production.  At the recognition ceremony The Rotary Club presented each winner with a Calendar and an Art Set consisting of a Learn to Draw Manual and a Color Pencil and Charcoal Sketch Kit.  The balance of the initial 100 Calendars was presented to Challenger Middle School and the Parent Teacher Organization to sell and raise funds for future projects.  It was a fun project for all those involved and proceeds from the Calendar sales will inspire future projects.