Meeting Recap 01/29/20
The Rotary Club of Antelope Valley conducted their weekly meeting at Gino’s Italian Restaurant in Palmdale on 29 January 2020.  The meeting was called to order by President Gene Melchers at 6:30 PM.  Those in attendance included Charlene Melchers, dinner.  Chuck Church, Karen Schultz, Sharon Freeman, Don Ryan, Vickie Ryan, Sam Garcia, Janice Garcia, guests Brenda Moreno, Annabel Alderson, guest speaker Jorge Urbina and Gene Melchers.  Everyone enjoyed dinner.  The formal meeting began after the Flag Salute, Invocation and 4-Way Test.  
President Gene Melchers asked Don Ryan to introduce our guest speaker for the evening Jorge Urbina.  Mr. Urbina spoke to the Club Members about the foundation that he founded on behalf of his daughter (Sophia Elizabeth).  The organization is called the Sophia Elizabeth Foundation and helps many people in the Antelope Valley.  Their thrust is to Organize Resources for Social Change and Economic Independence.  The Club thanked Mr. Urbina for his presentation.  After the presentation the Club decided to review the budget and if possible, consider a donation of either money or supplies to the foundation.
President Melchers asked the Members for updates to their projects:
  • Sharon Freeman is continuing to work with Joy McCall and our Interact Club Members at Knight High School to select two students to attend RYLA this year.The Club is budgeted to send two students to RYLA this year (one boy and one girl).
  • Don Ryan reported that he had received the Lefler Grant check and that it was turned over to Tina Borzage for deposit.
  • Chuck Church reported that the check from the LA County Supervisors arrived today and presented the check to Tina Borzage for deposit.The DDF Grant (which has been approved by the District) has not moved forward.The Club still needs to identify two Boy Scout Troops and two Girl Scout Troops to support and develop a plan for each organization.
  • Don and Vickie Ryan reported that the Sunday/Funday for Yellen School has been moved to a Saturday and will be on May 16, 2020.The name of the event has been changed as well to Hey Day in May.
  • Charlene Melchers reminded everyone that the next major event for the Club is the AV Rotary Sheriff’s Appreciation Dinner on March 21, 2020 in Rosamond.  Preparations are underway for the event.
  • Sharon Freeman mentioned that there have been two gift cards from the Children’s Shopping Spree that were blank.  Sharon gave the cards to Chuck Church and will purchase new cards for the kids and get them delivered.  Chuck Church will return the bad cards to Walmart and replace them with good cards and give them to Sharon.
There was no additional business to discuss.
President Gene Melchers adjourned the meeting at 8:00 PM. 
President Gene Melchers Thanks Jorge Urbina
For His Presentation at the Weekly Meeting