Valerie Lensing addressed the Rotary Club of Palmdale at their weekly meeting on November 30, 2016.  Valerie is a Special Education Instructor and Therapist for Autistic Children.  Valerie briefed the Club on her work with special needs children at Manzanita School and the Palmdale Learning Center.  A few years ago the Palmdale Rotary Club sponsored a petting zoo for the children that Valerie coordinated.  Because of their special circumstances, it is easier to bring a field trip to the children than to charter a bus or van and take them on a traveling field trip.  With that thought in mind, Valerie’s current focus for the children is to bring them an entirely new field trip event.  The kids are very interested in bubbles and are fascinated by the way they float and drift with the wind.  With that thought in mind, Valerie is entertaining the idea of bringing a Master Bubble Blower to the two school campuses to entertain the children.  Valerie has arranged for two events in the Spring of 2017 and is asking the Club if they could fund some of the cost.  The cost for doing two events at two schools is approximately $800.  The Club has taken it into consideration for funding at least one of the events. 
At the conclusion of her presentation, Valerie was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from the Club for her briefing as guest speaker.
Valerie Briefing the Rotary Club of Palmdale
Valerie Receiving Her Certificate of Appreciation